Curriculum Vitae

Current Position:

  • Professor of Sociology, Department of Leadership and Managment, Försvarshögskolan, Stockholm, Sweden.

Additional Affiliations:

  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, University of Innsbruck, Austria (Universitätsdozent).
  • Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of the German Armed Forces in Munich, Germany (Privatdozent).
  • Senior Reserach Fellow (on leave), Austrian MoD.


  • Habilitation, University of Innsbruck (Political Science), 2001.
  • Habilitation, University of the German Armed Forces (Sociology), 2004.
  • PhD (history), University of Vienna, Austria, 1987.
  • MA (philosophy), University of Hagen, Germany, 2001.
  • MPhil (history/political science), University of Vienna, Austria, 1985.

Earlier Academic Appointments:

  • Visiting Professor, Institute for European, Russian and Euroasian Studies and Centre for European Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa (January 2007-April 2008).
  • Visiting Scholar-in-Residence and Sessional Lecturer, Carleton University, Ottawa (Winter Term 2005).
  • Visiting Professor and Ministro José Ignacio Zenteno Chair in Strategic Studies, Universidad Católica, Santiago de Chile (Sept-Dec. 2004).

Fellowships and Grants (Selection):

  • Visiting Research Fellow, WEU Institute for Security Studies, Paris, France (May-June 2001).
  • Visiting Scholar and Research Fellow, Stanford University, California, USA (Jan-Oct 2000).
  • Research Scholarship, European University Institute, Florence, Italy (Summer 1999).
  • Visiting Scholar-in-Residence, Department of Political Science, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, USA (Jan-May 1998).
  • Visiting Fellowship and Study Grand, Department of War Studies, King's College, London, UK (Spring 1992).